Does this exist?

I’d like a competitive research tool that accepts a list of companies and monitors the following:

1. Monitors their followers, likes, app MAU, quantcast/compete, etc

2. Monitors their social network apps, fan page, streams, etc for interesting announcements

3. Monitors user posts (forums, tweets, etc) which mention the brands or companies

4. Monitors ad spends, new campaigns (where possible)

5. Watches for market information (research about a company or market)

Based on this I’d like to see:

- Up to date and trended adoption, retention numbers historical and current data

- User sentiment trends

- Virility metrics

- Alerts for significant events (large inflection point in a piece of data)

- Market information (based on monitoring all the data points the overall market is growing, shrinking or stagnant, etc)

- Significant changes in marketing efforts

- Revenue estimates (where possible)

I’d also like recommendations for new companies or competitors in the field which may be of interest. So if some company comes out of private beta and starts to get a following I get a heads up, etc.

I already am doing some of this on my own with just some python scripts but it seems like someone should be doing this. I can think of a lot of people doing bits and pieces, but I’m not aware of anyone doing the whole thing.

Does this exist? If so, where?

If not - I’m somewhat tempted to build it - but I’m somewhat tempted to build everything, so it’s hard to separate signal from the noise.